An NYC subway token adorns NOMAD1942 cashmere


NOMAD1942 is a new line of cashmere essentials designed by New Yorkers to meet the demands of modern life—no matter where you live. NOMAD1942 brings a new level of luxury to lounge and activewear, with classic designs and elevated fabric and fit that allow you to move effortlessly from day to night. These are today’s essentials. They are the perfect combination of form and function: cozy, warm cashmere in styles you can wear everywhere.

NOMAD1942 is brought to market by the Shlomm family, which boasts three generations dedicated to responsibly and sustainably sourced cashmere. Our family business, Amicale, has pursued yarns of the utmost quality while offering value for luxury knits since our inception in 1942.

Our parent company has been harvesting, spinning, and looming yarns to produce goods for the finest luxury retailers for more than 75 years. Our multi-generational relationships with nomadic cashmere goat herders are testimony to Amicale and NOMAD1942’s quest for quality products and virtuous business practices. 


The process for cultivating NOMAD1942 cashmere yarns is what sets our product above the rest. Since our founding, we have transformed the finest quality hand-selected cashmere fibers into multi-ply threads loomed in the mill. The finishing process has been developed over three generations to ensure the softest, coziest touch. Cashmere lovers will enjoy styles made to be worn everywhere, offering the ideal combination of form and function.


NOMAD1942 is built on three pillars: the nomadic herdsman raising cashmere goats, the NoMad New York neighborhood where the Shlomm family headquarters their operations, and today’s modern nomad who moves freely and globally. An NYC subway token adorns many of our garments in a nod to our New York heritage.

Quality and value have been at the root of Amicale and NOMAD1942 since first-generation immigrant Gregory Shlomm established the company when he arrived from Europe during World War II. His son Boris further developed the brand that is now led by his grandson Daniel.

Our cashmere comes exclusively from select regions of Mongolia, Tibet, and Nepal where a special breed of goats produces the most luxurious fibers extracted in proprietary methods.

We were one of the first American brands to source the finest fibers directly from Mongolia in the 1960s. We have built personal and business relationships with the local herders. The Shlomm family learned how to comb and cultivate the raw material, receiving combs from the herdsmen to symbolize their kinship to cashmere.

Our commerce partnerships have supported generations of herders. We established joint ventures in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, and China, helping to build up business infrastructure and introducing Western management philosophies and practices to the newly emerging free enterprise markets, even developing proprietary machinery to separate goat hair and fibers.

The cashmere business may have changed recently, but our commitment to quality has not. From 1942 to today, we have never compromised on luxury. NOMAD1942 is a testament to that philosophy.

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