Woman wearing Roosevelt Hood in CobaltWoman wearing Roosevelt Hood in Cobalt

Roosevelt Hood

Woman wearing Kennedy Travel wrap in Ice BlueWoman wearing Kennedy Travel wrap in Ice Blue

Kennedy Travel Wrap

Woman wearing Tudor Mittens in CitronWoman wearing Tudor Mittens in Citron

Tudor Mittens

Man wearing  Eames Hat in SandMan wearing  Eames Hat in Sand

Eames Hat

Woman wearing Regina Hat in CurrantWoman wearing Regina Hat in Cobblestone

Regina Hat

Woman wearing Reiss Handwarmers in CobblestoneWoman wearing Reiss Handwarmers in Cobblestone

Reiss Handwarmers

Man wearing Fairfax gloves  in CobblestoneMan wearing Fairfax gloves  in Midnight

Fairfax Gloves

Woman wearing Riverside Fingerless Gloves in MochaWoman wearing Riverside Fingerless Gloves in Mocha

Riverside Fingerless Gloves

Gracie Glove in blackWoman wearing Gracie Glove in black

Gracie Gloves

Man wearing Morton Hat in BlackMan wearing Morton Hat in Black

Morton Hat

Man Wearing York Glove in Twilight colorMan Wearing York Glove in Black

York Gloves

Woman wearing Nolita Hat in cobblestoneWoman wearing Nolita Hat in black

Nolita Hat

Man wearing Astor Hat in Black/MidnightAstor hat stack

Astor Hat

Man wearing Union Scarf in CharcoalWoman wearing Union Scarf in Charcoal

Union Scarf

Woman wearing chelsea wrap in FogWoman wearing chelsea wrap in black

Chelsea Wrap

 Chrystie Socks in CobblestoneChrystie Socks in Cobblestone
Private sale

Chrystie Socks

$66.50 $95.00
Crosby Socks in BlackCrosby Socks in Black
Private sale

Crosby Socks

$66.50 $95.00
Man wearing Astoria Scarf in blackWoman wearing Astoria Scarf in Black

Astoria Scarf

Up close of man wearing Triboro Travel Set in CamelMan wearing Triboro Travel Set in Camel
Private sale

Triboro Travel Set

$276.50 $395.00
Woman wearing Arthur hat in AsphaltWoman wearing Arthur hat in Asphalt

Brushed Cashmere Arthur Hat

Woman wearing Belmont Scarf in CaramelWoman wearing Belmont Scarf in Caramel

Brushed Cashmere Belmont Scarf

Woman wearing Summit Hat in MidnightWoman wearing Summit Hat in Midnight

Summit Hat

Woman wearing Kennedy Travel Wrap in Kelly GreenMan wearing Kennedy Travel Wrap in Kelly Green
Private sale

Kennedy Travel Wrap - Sale

$206.00 $295.00

Introducing NOMAD1942’s debut collection, The Fabric of New York, designed by New Yorkers for everyone. With our classic cashmere accessories, you can complete any look with a simple, elegant statement piece. Taking everyday basics to a new level of luxury, NOMAD1942’s cashmere fibers are hand-selected by our expert textile specialists. Our family-owned brand has used only the finest cashmere. We were one of the first American brands to source fibers from Mongolia in the 1960s.

Our hats and gloves pair with every outfit. Both our York and Gracie gloves are made with Touch Tech fabric, so you can stay connected on the go – or choose the dressed-down style of our Fairfax and Riverside fingerless gloves. The cozy AstorMorton, and Nolita hats elevate your style with contrast cuffs. If you love a classic beanie, opt for the Eames, Summit, or Regina hat.

Need a unique gift for the person who has everything? Try the Roosevelt hood, Reiss handwarmers, or cheerful Tudor mittens. And the versatile Union scarf comes in multiple colors to match any mood.

During cozy work-from-home days or relaxing weekends, pick the Chrystie and Crosby socks. And for an extra layer at the office or on a flight, choose the oversized Chelsea wrap, the Kennedy travel wrap, or the luxe Astoria scarf.

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