Modern Style Rooted in Old-World Luxury

NOMAD1942 is brought to market by the Shlomm family, which boasts three generations dedicated to responsibly and sustainably sourced cashmere. Since 1942, the Shlomm family business, Amicale Cashmere, has pursued yarns of the utmost quality, harvesting, spinning, and looming yarns to produce luxury knits for some of the finest luxury retailers.

Their multi-generational relationships with nomadic cashmere goat herders are testimony to Amicale Cashmere and NOMAD1942’s quest for quality products and virtuous business practices.

From inception to their pioneering exploration of Mongolia in the 1960s, the Shlomm family’s dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to quality has remained constant. Their seasoned team meticulously selects only the finest cashmere fibers, which are then transformed into multi-ply yarns and expertly loomed at their mill. Over three generations, they’ve perfected the final finishing process to ensure the softest and coziest touch imaginable.

Crafted for today's dynamic lifestyle, NOMAD1942 designs are not your grandma's knits, but they offer the same quality, comfort, and warmth while offering versatility, timelessness, and unparalleled luxury.