Nomad1942 Explores

Coffee Shop Chronicles

Man in orange cashmere vest

Our first stop took us to Local, a charming coffee shop nestled in a busy corner of Montclair, NJ, not all that far from the bustling streets of New York. Undoubtedly a hometown hotspot, this coffee haven captures the hearts of anyone who steps through its doors.

pantone coffee cups

Wholeheartedly embracing its role as a dynamic cashmere exhibit for the day, we were welcomed by a stunning and vibrant showcase of colors—carefully coordinated to coincide with Pantone’s limited edition cortado cups—touchable textures, and warm smiles from beautiful humans who flawlessly captured the essence of Nomad1942: fun-loving, carefree, charming, captivating, and effortlessly luxurious. 

holding cups

City chic style was brought to life through some of our best-selling cashmere essentials, including our men's Bond T-Shirt, Fordham Quilted Vest and Dawson Intarsia Crew Sweater, our women's Thick Ellis Cashmere Hoodie, Sutton Tank Top, Madison Zip Hoodie, and Deegan Shirt Jacket, and our finest cashmere winter accessories such as the Astor Hat, Union Scarf, and Roosevelt Hood.

making coffee

We are so happy that this was our first stop on the Nomad1942 cashmere trail. We hope to find that devotion to excellence—for us, the long beloved and thoughtful crafting of men’s and women’s cashmere clothing and for them the meticulous and artful preparation of delicious coffee—is a mutual and recurring theme along the way.

two women wearing cashmere

Where will we wander to next? Meet us at our blog page #NOMADONME as we continue to explore the hidden corners of our little cashmere-loving world, sharing the unique stories that unfold as Nomad1942 intersects with daily living.

making coffee