A Fond Farewell to Our Winter Intern

As we bid adieu to the colder weather and reflect on a very successful fall/winter season, we also say goodbye to an integral part of our small (but mighty) ecommerce team.
team photo
We’d like to thank our ecommerce intern, Iker, for his invaluable contributions over the past few months. From his creative input and design prowess to his active involvement in photoshoots, Iker seamlessly integrated into our creative processes and daily functions and left an indelible mark.
We will miss him, but we are filled with gratitude for all he brought to our team. We wish Iker much happiness and great success in his future endeavors!
iker in coffee shop

Learn more about Iker:

Hometown: A Coruña, Spain
Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, surfing, and paddling
Favorite Movie: Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite TV Show: Lost
Favorite Food: Lasagna

Q. What was your favorite part of your internship with Nomad1942?
A. "The team that I worked with and attending photoshoots."

Q. If you weren’t a cashmere lover before, are you now? And if so, what stands out about our fabrics and styles?
A. "I was not a lover of cashmere prior to working at Nomad1942, but I am now! I didn't realize how incredibly comfortable and warm it is."
Iker jumping